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Supercharge Your Career and Business Growth

with CFO Leadership Council Membership

As a senior finance executive...

  • You wear multiple hats – often simultaneously
  • You make daily decisions that impact your business growth
  • You sometimes feel alone, uncertain and

ill-equipped (particularly with an inflation crisis looming)

Good finance decisions DRIVE business growth...

So imagine if you could:

  • Regularly “zoom-out” of the business and see the big picture - get the 30,000-foot perspective
  • Talk directly (and instantly) to peers who’ve stood where you stand
  • Borrow the hindsight of others to better inform your decisions
  • Avoid the mistakes of those who have navigated your challenges before
  • Be connected to an engaging and exclusive senior finance community


That's the power of membership of The CFO Leadership Council

Join today and gain immediate access to:

  • Powerful advice and answers from 1000+ senior finance peers
  • Time-saving tools in our comprehensive member resource library
  • Learning opportunities that are high-impact and world-class
  • Curated content on emerging trends and hot topics
  • Unparalleled networking opportunities
  • Incredible savings on conference fees and industry reports that pay real ROI on your membership


  • Monthly CFO peer learning roundtables
  • Access to benchmark data

  • Virtual and live events
  • 29 active local chapters
  • Membership directory

"Investing in yourself as a leader is critical to your business’ success – and the CFO Leadership Council is hands-down the most cost-effective investment

you will ever make in yourself as a leader."

What our members are saying

Effective leadership is both a science and an art.

That, now more than ever, you need to think strategically.

Our community helps get you outside the day-to-day and see the big picture.

To learn from others, gain insights and share best practices. On business-critical challenges like raising capital, cyber security threats, staff retention and preparing for high inflation.

Join the premiere network of senior finance executives in the USA

You won't find what we offer anywhere else


Membership vetting means our Forums are promotion free. Members focus exclusively on supporting each other.


The only senior finance leadership community that strictly controls entry, ensuring seniority and value.


Unrivalled networking opportunities with annual conferences, virtual events and chapter meetings.


You can't get this level of access to expertise, knowledge and insight anywhere else - and the guidance received will positively impact your decision making


You'd pay hundreds of thousands in Consultancy fees to get advice from this level of seniority. AND member discounts means it MORE than pays for itself.

(Yours for less than $500 a year.)


Membership is exclusively available for CFOs, SVPs, VPs, Directors, CAO, Controllers, Directors of Finance & senior Finance leaders, so you're among peers

Our 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

From the moment you join, we guarantee you’ll feel like you’ve found your tribe: a powerful and unparalleled collective of senior finance leaders who have navigated the same stormy challenges you’re facing and freely share their experiences and learning.

We’re so confident of the immense value you’ll gain as a member that if you haven’t felt the benefits of your membership within your first month, we’ll refund you 100%

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